"Daveda Lamont did an incredible job on this book, bringing it alive with original, creative ideas I hadn't thought about. She goes far beyond just editing, but gets actually involved.  I love her work and will never get anyone else on any project."

— L.D. Sledge, author,
Riches to Rags: Why Rich Celebrities and
Pro-Athletes Go Broke and How to Avoid It

"I read through the edited pages again...and was much more able to piece it together properly. This begs me to ask one more question. How do you do that? I mean, you seemed to be able to pull the exact intent from my writing, expand upon it and clarify what I am trying to convey."

— Kirk Mango, author, Becoming a True Champion

"I feel like you have become my partner in trying to get this message out, and you really had a good understanding of what I wanted. My wife completely agrees with me that it was a blessing that our paths crossed before I put this book out. —I owe you the equivalent of my left arm! Again, I can't thank you enough."

— David Louis, author,
Scars That Can Heal

"You have helped me enormously and apart from doing a brilliant job on the manuscript I count you as a friend. [Your] work went beyond editing."

— Mike Sanger Freeman, author,Two Dogs, a
Donkey and a Frenchwoman: The Life, Legacy
and Adventures of a Traveling Canine Comedy Act

"Daveda is the quintessential professional editor. I am indebted to her for her tremendous expertise in helping me write my first book. And her keen attention to every detail of my manuscript did not stop there. She also provided her own personal support and experience to allay my fear and insecurities regarding the project. I've said it before and I'll say it again—thanks, Daveda!"

— Michael Ryan, author, Mike's Tips: Advice for
Men Who Think Too Much and Do Too Little

"Daveda Lamont did a superlative job of making difficult science understandable, frequently challenging me to clarify or reformulate my conclusions, and bringing organization and continuity to all parts of the manuscript to allow it to flow seamlessly. This book would not be in such a clear, easy-to-read format if not for her."

— Brian Peskin, author, The Hidden Story of Cancer

"Our best vocal book."

— Hal Leonard, publisher, The Professional Singer's
Handbook by Gloria Rusch

"Your superb editing helped transform my raw manuscript into a concise and flowing communication."

— John Novello, author,
The Contemporary Keyboardist

"You did a beautiful job on this, from title to word-by-word work."

— Tony Cohan, Acrobat Books, publisher,
Frame by Frameby Eric Sherman

"You are a great editor and fun to work with."

— Thomas Lane, author, The Artists' Manifesto

"Special thanks...[you] made important recommendations regarding content."

— Vincent Sherman, author,
Studio Affairs: My Life as a Film Director

"Your ability to be objective is what made you such a very good editor... you properly corrected a great deal that was more than mere grammar."

— G. Bergman, author, Disputed Parentage

"Excellent editing! All of your changes were definite improvements (I hate it when editors change stuff for no reason)."

— Elaine Floyd, course author/writer

"You've done a beautiful job, especially during these trying times, adding clarity and precision to my writing. Thank you so much!"

— Pam Perdue, course author, Onward and Upward;
President, Compliance Compass Inc.

"In the last year and a half, we've gotten to know you as a very strong and reliable editor.... Rest assured that you are held in high esteem among the editors here."

— Ashley Craddock, Editor-in-Chief,

"You did a great job with the courses we worked on. I will definitely let everyone here know about you. You've produced some great courses and I've really enjoyed working with you."

— Kate Hayes, Managing Editor,
Online Courses,



"After their tour with Big Apple Circus, the Sangers . . . became highlights of every event at which they appeared and were favorites of both the press and the public. This book allows all of us to experience some of the Sangers' adventures as part of a traveling canine comedy act. It's a fascinating look at a unique human-animal collaboration."
Don Covington, Company Manager, Big Apple Circus
"This is an earnest and heartfelt story of an animal act performer. Sanger chronicles his legacy from one of the great circus families, his move to the Krone Circus, and then on to the rest of his performing career. . . told with modesty and grace. Sanger treats his animals like family and he picked his dogs from rescue."
David Disend, White Tops Book Editor, 2007

About THE HIDDEN STORY OF CANCER, by Brian Scott Peskin, BSEE, MIT, with Amid Habib, MD, FAAP, FACE

"This is one of the most important books you could ever read if you want to understand and prevent cancer. . . .This is a groundbreaking thesis that deserves worldwide recognition."
Nexus New Times, July-August 2006
"This eye-opening book presents the most thoroughly researched anticancer program that I have ever seen. My patients have also noticed how their energy levels have skyrocketed by following the book's simple-to-follow program."
Clive Fields, M.D.; Family Practice, Houston, Texas
"Everyone should read this book and follow the recommendations"
F. Hajjar, M.D.; Pediatric Cancer Specialist, Orlando, Florida

About THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDED, by John Novello

"As the person who originally created the term, "The Other Side of Life," in a conversation with my late friend Bishop Pike of California, I can only recommend this thoughtfully written book to anyone who still does not realize that Death is not the end, but "Life's Other Door," as the late medium and author Eileen Garrett put it."
Prof. Hans Holzer, parapsychologist & author of 126 books, including Ghosts and Life Beyond Life
"What makes this book work so well is its blunt honesty and approach to dying.... For readers of the paranormal, this beautifully expressed love story and contact with a loved one after death will prove to be enjoyable reading.... Novello writes with a crisp, solid style which allows the reader to enjoy his story of sharing and joy. This book is...a memorable reading experience which should appeal to a large reading audience. Well-written."
Lee Prosser;, 2003.
"A profoundly spiritual accounting...highly recommended addition to New Age Spirituality and Metaphysical Studies reading lists, as well as of immense interest to John Novello fans who appreciate his contributions in the field of progressive jazz rock fusion with the musical group Niacin."
The Midwest Review, July 2003

About FRAME BY FRAME, by Eric Sherman

"Should be the bible for aspiring and professional filmmakers."
Samuel Fuller, director
"The clearest vision of the craft of cinema that I have ever encountered."
Gary Essert, founder, FILMEX

About THE ARTISTS' MANIFESTO, by Thomas Lane

"Tom Lane's book ... may serve to wake the soul of the 90s and to raise the genius in all of us."
Nik Venet, record producer (Bobby Darin, Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, Jim Croce)
"No artist should begin his or her career without first reading this book. Lane speaks of one of the most important aspects of any artists career—taking responsibility for your own art."
Rich Esra, former V.P., Arista Records; music educator, University of California at Los Angeles
"This is a very timely book. The Artists' Manifesto champions artists in all fields who are working to surmount the greed and selfishness in the world today."
Len Forman, former V.P. Marketing, Simon & Schuster


"Music Book of the Year."
Pacific Coast Review
"A college within a book."
Musician Magazine

About STUDIO AFFAIRS, by Vincent Sherman

"One of the great craftsmen from the old studio system, Vincent Sherman writes straight from the heart. . . . Many colorful insights into Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and the other stars he directed."
Oliver Stone