WHO NEEDS AN EDITOR? As terrabytes of indie books are published and uncountable numbers of blog articles are posted daily, a quick glance around the net and into the e-books on your tablet shows that writers and websites are skipping the quality control step of having their writing checked for errors.

Misspellings are rampant, while grammatical and punctuation errors pepper many web pages, even otherwise professional ones. But thought, like musical notes, must be organized to communicate well and any kind of error can lessen readers' enjoyment and understanding - not to mention lower the credibility of the writer.

Needing editing doesn't mean the quality of your art or message is in question. If you aspire to reach professional standards in your work, then an editor can help you achieve that. Even the work of most professional writers needs some editing. The best editors seek to find and fix errors while staying true to your message and style. No matter which route to publication you pursue, your final manuscripts should be reviewed and edited by an experienced editor, preferably one who understands your type of writing. I invite you to go through my website to see how I work and contact me for further information.

If you are a new writer and can't afford to pay an editor, there are many excellent books available to help you learn how to edit your own work. You can also join a writers' group, where you will have the chance to get feedback on your work. But most of all, write, write, and write some more! Most of the learning and improving is in the doing. In the highly competitive publishing industry, a manuscript containing errors isn't given a second glance. Work hard to improve your writing so you can give yourself the best chance possible to sell and attain recognition for your work.

Daveda Lamont

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